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GENTICKS is a series of science-fiction books that narrates an epic battle for power. A power that can only be accessed through the most outstanding technologies created by the brightest minds of humanity.
The saga is told through the eyes of a teen girl born on Mars, who after having the opportunity to travel to Earth, will discover a series of secrets that surround its Global Government, the most prestigious technology academy on Earth: Genticks and, the main three anti-government groups, whose intentions are not very clear and that it's known that they only want to have access to the most innovative technology.
Continuing her steps with her new friends from Genticks, this girl will be involved in a limitless battle that will extend to her birth planet Mars.

Main characters


Surina Iacobelli
This twelve-year-old girl, born on Mars, was always curious about Earth, especially being outdoors, as she used to hear stories from her parents about how they met during a summer vacation. When she learned of a scholarship to study at the most prestigious academy of science and technology on Earth, Genticks, she worked her way up to it. She didn't know it, but she's not like the other kids on Earth, throughout the story, she will discover her true abilities and use them to stop one of the biggest wars humanity has ever faced.

Samantha Kraussi
This engineer from the Australian Space Agency tries to evade a fact: she's the daughter of Genticks founder, Doctor Eugene Alexander Tickslevern. But seems that she has a reason to not use her father's last name. This enigmatic woman will discover, with the help of the kids of Genticks, some hidden secrets of her received legacy and with her broken heart will try to do the necessary to stop the war.

Kaimyo Kuno
Practically a genius concerning all things related to technology, he used to live with his father in Kanazawa, Japan. But after enrolling in Genticks and establishing a friendship with a girl from mars will bring to light a secret related to his family. This thirteen years old kid will be one of the best allies that Surina will have and he will do everything to protect her.

Danyuro Kuno
A long-time resident of Genticks, this boy of few words is more interested in medical sciences. Helping others is his passion. And it's no secret that he is deeply attracted to his classmate: Shatki, with whom he shares common interests. After Surina's arrival in Genticks, he will learn more about himself and the hidden abilities he possesses, which by far surpass those of all known humans.

Aturel Powers
Sometimes hyperactive, this twelve-year-old boy is easily intimidated, but when he gets into confidence is usually a joker, and sometimes he becomes disliked by those around him, but, not by Surina, whom he finds someone trustworthy. The continuous vicissitudes that he has lived, do not manage to intimidate the courage that he brings out during the most difficult situations. He is the only student to have a full scholarship at Genticks awarded by Dr. Alexander Eugene Tickslevern himself, who maintained a strong friendship with his parents during his lifetime.

Augustus Fadi
It's the sports star in Genticks, his passion for the flooflip, a sports game played with a laser and a ball, made him popular throughout the academy. This rich sixteen years old, athletic, and tall student finds many affinities with Surina, who become one of his closest friends. He also has a secret crush on Olena, who he believes only considers him as one more of her friends.

Olena Stegaru
This fourteen years old student is considered the most perfect girl in the academy, because of her beauty and intelligence. Sometimes arrogant, her personality will crash with the Surina's. But it's something that doesn't care about the boys, who always are trying to catch her attention. As the daughter of two high-profile personalities will always be surrounded by the most popular students of the academy, including, Augustus. But the time will come when she will leave the differences aside with Surina to form a team and to try to discover the missing information, the clue to stopping the war.

Shatki Kumar Patel
No one knows, but this thirteen years old girl will be the reason why Danyuro uses all his abilities to protect Genticks and his friends. Calm and sometimes shy, this even-tempered girl from India who likes nature will be the required support for her friends during the most difficult times. Her hidden hobby: singing

Dahl Swensen
At seventeen years old, Dahl is already an established sports star. He started his career in the Flootflip at fifteen when he was selected for a local league: The Stereo Spies, who won for the first time the World Tournament of Flooflip. As a sports celebrity, he tries to keep his privacy, but overall, keeps secret any opinion regarding the situation on Earth, but it doesn't mean he's not aware of everything. Many don't know it, but he feels admiration for the students of Genticks, for this reason, when the opportunity arises, he is willing to do everything possible to protect them.

Genius Gene
Also named Wizard Gene by the Suans, Genius Gene is not even a living person. In fact, he is an AI, an artificial intelligence created by Doctor Eugene Alexander Tickslevern and Professor Gary Osmond. It was supposed to be a project to preserve the knowledge of a living person, with the reasoning, and the ability to make decisions about events that at the time of its creation had not yet occurred. But in an unexpected twist of fate, Dr. Eugene Alexander Tickslevern, seeing his integrity compromised, decided to transfer his knowledge and personality to this artificial intelligence, which would follow his instructions after his death. Genius Gene is always presented as a holographic projection, sometimes as a teenager, as if he were just another student of Genticks, and at other times as a grown man.

Captain Dewitt Edwards
He is an incredulous man, a difficult person to deceive. He was recruited from an early age into the British militia, to fight in the last great war between countries. After that event, he continued his military career until he opted for the space forces, rising to the rank of Captain within the Australian space agency. Determined to look out for his own interests, he knows every movement of the Global Government, which he downplays until he meets Helena Suan and her newborn twins, whom he practically rescues and places in the care of his longtime friend Celeste. From then on, carefully and subtly, he will act in favor of what he considers right, even going so far as to give everything to protect Surina and her friends.

Glorus Zang Wang
With a complex and involving personality, Glorus Zang Wang practically presides over the global council, possessing the power of conviction over its other members. From very humble beginnings, he grew up in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, his hometown. Already in his twenties, he decided to enter the local political scene, seeing it as the only way to climb the social ladder. Several years later, aided by the empathy and power of his dialogue, he became elected by popular vote as the representative of Asia within the Global Council. Unknown to most, his view of the world was altered long before he was elected, upon meeting a brilliant mind: Doctor Eugene Alexander Tickslevern. Ambitious by nature, he will spare no effort to obtain the most innovative technologies until he achieves his goal: to obtain absolute power.

Professor Gary Osmond
One of the closes friend of Doctor Eugene Alexander Tickslevern. It was he who gave him the nickname "Tick" during their university years, because, he used to stick to his professors until they bled their knowledge, to finally add the word tick to his last name Slevern. Unlike Eugene, Gary has always remained more restrained, as he doesn't usually get carried away by passion. But for always being reasonable, he paid a heavy price, letting go of the love of his life, Audora Drouart. Finally, when he achieves to discover that passion in the eyes of Augustus and Surina, he convinces himself to help them to confront the threat that will unleash a great battle.

Liberius Suan
Charismatic and assertive, this fourteen-year-old boy is determined to find his father and rescue him from those who hold him captive. Together with his sister, Artemis, and helped by Captain Dewitt Edwards, he will undertake a trip to Earth from his native Mars, where in a twist of fate, he will end up in the company of his sister, in front of the doors of the most prestigious academy of science and technology on the planet: Genticks.

Artemis Suan
With cunning and ingenuity, her ideas will convince his brother Liber to make the right decisions, which will even lead them both to meet that artificial intelligence that has the personality of Doctor Eugene Alexander Tickslevern, which they will call Wizard Gene, who will find in them the perfect formula to complete his plan to save humanity.

Doctor Elvan Suan
As a high-profile scientist in the technological area, Dr. Suan was under the eyes of high-rank members of the government like Dariana Martins and Glorus Zang Wang, especially for the development of his work related to cellular interaction with certain types of radio waves and communications. For that reason, he decides to accept a position in Armstrong City, on the Moon, to keep his family apart from the interest of the Government. And also, to guarantee that his descendants together with his wife Helena, were not influenced by any government intervention, that is, that their children were not of gens origin. As a result of this, twins are born, placing them even more in the spotlight. However, he manages to ensure that his family escapes to Mars, aboard Earth Spirit, leaving him behind, under the orders of his enemies.

About some places in this story...


Australian Space Port

It's the most important spaceport on Earth, from where take off spacecraft to the Moon and Mars. It's located on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia.

Wellington, New Zealand

Located in the southern hemisphere, in New Zealand, it's the city where Surina's aunt lives, in a middle-class neighborhood. Also, on the outskirts of this city, in a lower-class neighborhood lives Aturel with his aunt Cleandra.

Genticks Academy

The most important academy of science and technology is located in the middle of a natural reserve near the city of Wellington in New Zealand, surrounded by water sources, streams, and lakes and protected by its environment. It's considered a sanctuary that protects the most innovative advances from falling into the wrong hands.

The Axis

It's the meeting point of Surina and her friends within the Academy. It's located near the Genticks Sports Field.

Kuno's mansion

Located in Kanazawa, Japan. It's a property surrounded by nature. With very cold winters, it's a place where Kaimyo spent the holidays in the company of his father.

Barcelona, Spain

It is the host city of The International Technology Fair where Surina and her friends present their Invisibility Bubble Project. In it, Surina meets the members of the Global Council, who rule the Earth, and interacts for the first time with the most ruthless of its members: Glorus. Also after a series of attacks in the city and at the fair itself caused by a group opposed to the Global Government, Gerard disappears, an enigmatic character who is connected to Samantha Kraussi, daughter of the founder of Genticks.


A mysterious, secret city, whose name means harmony. It is located somewhere in the northeast of Russia. Its inhabitants reject all kinds of technology, considering it the cause of many evils and go unnoticed by the Global Government. Without planning it, Surina and her friends arrive in Garmoniya where they meet Vaslav and discover his relationship with Shacxana and the Berdons.

Trois Joyaux

Located a few hours away from Paris, in France, it's a ghost town that was once the preferred site by the elite, due to its luxury, and because it was a place where precious jewelry and stones of great value extracted from the Moon and Mars were marketed. It's believed that the city was abandoned once the Global Government seized all those values to use them in the development of new technologies.

De La Hyre Street, Paris

It's the street in Paris where the Laurent building is located. Place of residence of Doctor Alain Drouart. There Surina and her friends meet Audora, the sister of Dr. Drouart, who gives them a clue left behind by her brother.

Paris Du Nord Station

After discovering the clue left by Doctor Drouart, Surina and her friends decide to part to London from this important point within Paris, where once the flying train elevates, Surina will observe the Eiffel Tower as a silent witness of many human confrontations.

Stegaru's mansion

Located on the outskirts of London, England, it is the place of residence of Richards Stegaru, Olena's father. This mansion temporarily becomes the second Axis of the Genticks kids. Surrounded by nature and always with a thick fog, it is a perfect place to practice Flooflip.

Bond Street, London

Located in the heart of London, is still recognized as the place with the most exclusive stores in the world and it's the place where the Mansfield building is located. There Olena meets Mrs. Mcqueen, who was once the public relations officer for her mother, Elsa, and who still maintains a close friendship with her. Mrs. Mcqueen gives Olena information about her mother who has been kidnapped.

The Shard

It's a high-rise building located next to the London Bridge train station in the heart of London, it's the place where Surina and her friends will spend new year's eve, before being cornered by government agent Scott Hayes, and between shots and under the protection of Mr. Richards, they will achieve an amazing feat with the help of sports star Dahl Swensen.

Libreville, Gabon

It's a city that has undergone a great transformation with the rise of new technologies. Its resources and development have positioned it among the most prosperous cities in the world. To such an extent that its citizens stand out for their impeccable way of dressing with intelligent fibers. The Principal Tower is located in it, a skyscraper that hosts the main offices of the Global Government and the most important multinationals. Additionally, on the outskirts of this city is the Felis Leo Academy, a place where Surina will discover her true innate abilities.

Tugazi Jungle Base

Several kilometers from Libreville, in the heart of the Gabonese jungle, lies the underground temporary base of the Tugazi, established there for their interest in taking information from the Principal Tower's main computer. It's there where Danyuro will use his special gifts to escape together with his friends from the Tugazi.

Principal Tower

It's one of the most important government dependencies. It's one of the world's leading information and technology development centers. It's characterized by having offices that move from one place to another, even from its base to the top. These hexagonal-shaped offices are known as hex. It has technological development laboratories in its basements, where high-level personnel is working for the government, often by force. Also, It has the most advanced computer of its kind and it's well known that in life it was Dr. Eugene Alexander Tickslevern himself, founder of Genticks, who worked on its development. Principal Tower is the place of many important events throughout the series.

Panama City, Panama

In this city is where Surina and her friends get for the first time information regarding the Lockerslide, an opposite current to the government, as they go inside the Ancon Hill Underground Laboratories. Also in this city is located The Academy of the South, where they take the idea of using delta wings to access the top of Ancon Hill.

Ancon Hill Underground Laboratories

Located in Panama City, Panama, the Ancon Hill Underground Laboratories is one of the most advanced and largest in the world. There, protected under the hill, it has more than 30 underground floors, where scientists from all over the world work for the Global Government. It has a one-of-a-kind effluvium computer that contains much more information than members of the government realize.

High Olympus

Named for being the home of the gods in Greek mythology, Mount Olympus, High Olympus is the headquarters of the Global Government and is located in New York, in the old borough of Manhattan, where the United Nations headquarters was located. High Olympus is made up of several skyscrapers, the tallest of which, at almost 200 stories tall, is where the six members of the Global Council, representing each continent and the Moon, meet. It's in this place where one of the bloodiest battles between the government and the currents will take place, where the kids from Genticks academy will also be involved: Surina and her friends and, also Samantha Kraussi. There they will get to know the true personality and intentions of Glorus Zang Wang.

Sydney, Australia

In this city is located the main port from where the spaceships that go to the Moon and Mars take off. It's also the official place of residence of Samantha Kraussi, who after working for the Australian Space Agency, decides to make use of her right over Genticks Academy and moves to Wellington. However, some unexpected guests will make use of her apartment in Sydney, the twin brothers Liber and Artemis, where they will find information about Genticks that will make them decide to enroll there as students.

Lockerslide Underwater Base

In the middle of the South Atlantic, between Africa and South America, there's a submarine base that is the headquarters of the followers of the doctrine of John Lockerslide, a renowned doctor and philosopher who advocated for a better society, because as he said: "humans are far enough along now to put our differences aside." Is in this place where Liber and Artemis will test all their abilities to survive, and thus be able to complete the mission planned by Wizard Gene. 

Armstrong City

It's one of the main cities on the Moon. With a growing population of more than five hundred thousand people, it's one of the biggest cities on the Moon. It's the birthplace of the twins Liberius and Artemis Suan. Also, Danyuro's mom lives there working as a physician.

Moon Megaport

It's a hub for all space journeys to Mars. It also functions as a military facility for the Global Government. It's located near the city of Armstrong and is where the Earth Spirit, the largest spacecraft ever built, frequently blasts off to Mars under the command of Captain Dewitt Edwards.


It's one of the main cities on Mars. It's the birthplace of Surina Iacobelli and it's where she lives with her parents. Being a city with hermetically sealed environments, Surina constantly wonders what it will be like to live on Earth. Like Fobos and Galilei, other main cities on Mars, Cydonia is administered by a Mayor and is part of the Mars Administrative Conglomerate, a form of government independent of Earth. It's here where the first battle between Earth's Global Government militia and Mars takes place, and when for the first time Genius Gene uses the technologies hidden in Genticks academy to defend Cydonia.

The Earth's Spirit

It's one of the biggest spaceships ever made. It's commanded by Captain Dewitt Edwards and belongs to the Australian Space Agency. This spaceship frequently travels between the Moon and the Earth, and almost every two years to Mars. On its final journey, it suffers an attempt to be destroyed, in order to eliminate a high-ranking member of its crew: Samantha Kraussi. Surina Iacobelli comes to Earth aboard the Earth Spirit during its final voyage.

More resources

Academy of the South: Located in Panama City, Panama, is between the best academies in the world. Its Flooflip team always ranks in the highest positions, but they are worldwide known for using Delta Wings.

Aquadisk: Sport that is practiced barefoot on a cold and wet gel court, which uses a disc.

Areas X, Y, and Z: Later areas of the Earth Spirit, which included Surina and Aaron's berth.

Armstrong City: City located on the Moon, under the jurisprudence of Earth.

ASA: Australian Space Agency.

Barsalles: Academy on Mars.

Berth 15 Z: where Surina is located inside the Earth Spirit.

Black Bubble: Prototype ship, created by Doctor Eugene Alexander Ticklesvern. It has the latest technological innovations, it can both dive into the water, fly over the air, and move in outer space.

Bots: Androids that guard the administrative and management areas of Genticks.

Berdons also named Beridions: Rebel group that wants to bring up the reality that surrounds the Global Council and what they are doing with gens-type births.

Cam: video camera with which the characters communicate through a computer or intercom.

Cascari Park: a nature reserve located near Barcelona. It was formed by the unification of several national parks, after a forest fire caused by climate change many decades ago affected the area. In a joint effort with various sectors, both public and governmental, it was possible to restore the area, managing to reconstruct its original flora and fauna. It's a reminder of how fragile ecosystems can be and also the ability of human beings to both, destroy and build and restore what has been lost. Its name is inspired by the word "Cáscara" in Spanish, it refers to the fragility of the eggshell.

CIO5: Omnidirectional Independent Computer 5, the five is due to the five sensors that manage to manipulate its movement in all directions by means of the five small spheres that are at its base.

Cydonia: city on Mars.

Earth Spirit: Space shuttle, once the biggest ever made, used in trips between Earth and Mars.

Enchanted Forest: Tourist attraction inside Cascari Park in Barcelona. It is a replica of a forest similar to those in fairy tales, with medieval castles, it has holograms and animatronics that simulate creatures from European mythology.

Express vehicle: The fastest flying vehicle on Earth. Created by Express Transportation, a company that Mr. Kuno works for. The fleet of express vehicles barely reaches 100 around the planet, and their rental is extremely expensive. Reaching speeds of Mach 25 thanks to an electromagnetic field that lightens the air around it, thus avoiding the sonic boom as well.

Flooflip: The most popular sport, when Surina arrives on Earth. It consists of getting a sphere into a goal, using a laser beam. Each side of the court has a goal. Professionally, each team is made up of seven members. Up to four different teams can play on one court simultaneously.

Gate 23 A: Landing gate of the Titan 2021 port.

Gens origin: It's a popular way how are called people who at the time of their conception had been genetically improved. That's the standard for the conception of every human being since in this way it assures that newborns will be without congenital defects, and diseases of genetic origin and will have the advantage of having the best abilities that their parents could grant them.

GENTICKS: Academy of science and technology located on the outskirts of Wellington. The most outstanding students of the Earth study in it, and its prestige gives it respect worldwide.

Global Council: Group made up of six rulers from the five continents and the Moon, which are in charge of the Global Government.

Guidre: City of Mars, contiguous to Cydonia, which is under the jurisdiction of the latter, for which reason it belongs to the same municipality and is under the same mayor of Cydonia.

Holotrium: Video game company, in the Genticks saga.

Intercom: Device similar to a wristwatch, which marks the time, stores information, and its functions are similar to telephones and videoconferencing systems. Some versions can project holograms.

Location Room: Place where the new Genticks students are referred, assigned their classes, and oriented to the academy's policies.

Mercid: Technology company in charge of the design of androids and automobiles.

Nemesis: Place on Mars, where investigative excavations are carried out.

North Academy: Academy specializing in economic sciences that is located in the city of Ontario, Canada. Aaron Mousavinov is student of this academy. Aaron writes in the academy newspaper and is sent to cover the game between South Academy and Genticks, where the latter wins, raising suspicions that South Academy let them win.

Passenger S1983: Surina Iacobelli's code while she was traveling on the Earth Spirit.

Robotool: Robot used as the Earth Spirit's repair tool.

Skinsuit: suit used inside the spaceships, to carry out space crossings. It is a smart suit, which monitors the wearer, regulates temperature, and measures vital signs. Sometimes it changes color regarding the health conditions.

The cube: This particular object is one of the most powerful computers ever designed in Genticks. Its creator is Professor Gary Osmond with the help of some of his pupils, and this computer besides having the capacity to project omnidirectional holograms, it posses the ability to decode every algorithm known in any computer. Professor Osmond lends the cube to Augustus and Surina to complete their mission.

Titan 2021: Mars Megaport.

Tramsleep: Orthopedic chair, multi-jointed, resembling a small operating bed, inside Earth Spirit. It is where Earth Spirit passengers are usually accommodated.

Wapics: Technology company in charge of designing androids and computers.

World Sports Coliseum: The World Sports Coliseum is the biggest arena in the world. It is used mainly to host the Flooflip World Tournament. But also is used occasionally for other sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and aquadisk tournaments. for other sports.

"Do not be fooled because what seems at times to be the end is really the
beginning of a long road."


Did you know that...

Genticks was first published in July of 2011. Since its publication it called the attention of the local media of Panama, because is very unusual the science fiction publications there.

Genticks is inspired by the anime of the 80s Robotech, something that have been confirmed by its author in several interviews.

Genticks was first intended to be a saga of only three books, describing only the story from the perspective of Surina Iacobelli, but as fans starting asking about many details related with the story, it was announced in 2016, during a fan signing event, that a book related with the founder of Genticks, Doctor Eugene Alexander Tickslevern, will be published. Later it was confirmed by the author, Ariel Agrioyanis, that it would be an entire saga, telling the story of Doctor Eugene's beginnings, under what circumstances he founded the academy Genticks, his relationship with his daughter and his death. It is not confirmed how many books will make up this new series.

Most of the technology presented along the Genticks saga is based in real life facts. Even some of these technologies already exist but have not been released to the public.

A spin-off of the series titled Genticks The Adventure of Liber and Artemis was temporarily published on during the pandemic in 2020 and was opened to readers until December of that same year.

Genticks The Adventure of Liber and Artemis was originally a theatrical script. That's why it was created as a spin-off since the originally planned story was too long to be successfully adapted into a stage play. However, after the producer of the play announced his retirement due to a job opportunity in Mexico, the project was suspended and adapted as a book derived from the saga, which was planned to be formally published in 2022, but following negotiations in Asia with that story, it has been postponed.

Ariel Agrioyanis, the author of Genticks has published other books, The Scale, a romantic drama, and Reprogramando Nuestro Código Fuente, a nonfiction book that has been only published in Spanish as a digital book that entered into the list of the most downloaded books in its category in March of 2021.

On 2016 the birth of a Genticks fan club in Panama City was confirmed, since then, fans of the saga have been emerging in other latitudes, such as Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain and the United States.

There is a prototype of a video game inspired by the second book of the saga, Genticks The Three Currents, which does not have a release date yet.

The main character of the saga was originally a boy, but due to the popularity of a magic saga at the time of its conception, the author decided that the main character should be a girl. Do you know what saga would it be? Do you know which character was originally the main one in Genticks?

Recently an agreement for Genticks was reached, so it's possible that will be published in several other languages apart from English and Spanish.

The author of Genticks, Ariel Agrioyanis, is a systems engineer and graphic designer. And according to what he has said in interviews, he has written several books on other subjects, which have not yet been published.

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